Meeting date: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Dec. 11
Location: Winship Room, The Boston Globe

Meeting called to order 7:31 p.m.

I. Report on Winter gala with NBMBAA Boston chapter – Zuri Berry
-We would not make money off this, our participation would just be a partnership. So we will not partner with them on this position.
-We will continue dialogue and relationship with NBMBAA

II. Finalize committee groups for convention
• 5K run: Gary Washburn, Derrick Z. Jackson, Cory Allen
-The 5K run will be along the Charles River. Gary Washburn says the application for the 5K run is in the process of being filed with the city.
• Community event: Ann Clanton, Cory Allen, Sarah Ann Shaw, Meghan Irons, Akilah Johnson
• Venues (opening reception, chapter party, alternatives): Ebony Reed, Zuri Berry, Glenda Buell, Michelle Johnson, Rony Camille
• Programming and partnerships: Zeninjor Enwemeka, Martine Powers, Zuri Berry, Anica Butler, Akilah Johnson
– we will finalize committee groups and make sure each group is connected with each other

III. Black history month event update – Zuri Berry and Chantee Lans
• Location: TBA, but will likely be at The Boston Globe media lab
• Panelists: Sarah Ann Shaw and Todd Wallace are confirmed
-SNEABJ is putting together a panel event of local trailblazers in journalism. Event is on Feb.
-They are looking for a couple more panelists. If you have suggestions, please email Chantee Lans.
-Michelle Johnson will contact Carole Simpson to moderate the event
-This will be a public event

IV. Report on sponsorships and fundraising – Kelley Chunn
-Kelley Chunn will contact Bob Butler before moving forward on sponsorships & fundraising

V. Discussion and outline for upcoming BABJ elections
• Call for nominations, including: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and student representative
• Election date: March 12, 2014 (tentative)
-We should do a membership drive to establish who are the members and get that set before we do an election
-There was a suggestion to push back the election date until our membership is in order
-Membership drive can take place in January, and then we can move to a call for nominations and elections
-New suggested election date will be in March

VI. Adjournment & Announcements
• Reminder: SNEABJ meeting at ESPN (ESPN Plaza, Bristol, CT 06010) 2 p.m. Saturday Jan. 4, 2014
• Next BABJ meeting set for 7:30 p.m. Jan. 8, 2014; Location TBA
-ESPN event: SNEABJ is looking to get a bus to provide transportation for everyone to Bristol, Conn.
-Kelley Chunn: Don West has an exhibit that could be part of the convention programming – can reach out to visual task force on that
-Gary Washburn is working on getting the chapter party together. He is working on getting a Boston-based act for the event. Gary was also on a panel for the show “Basic Black” last month with Peniel Joseph, a professor at Tufts, who he spoke to about getting involved in the convention. He would be great on a panel.
-Kelley Chunn: District Hall, 12,000 square feet building in innovation district on waterfront may be good location for opening reception or other convention event. Habitat for Humanity also has a nice building near the waterfront.
-We should also look to partner with the MBTA and possibly with the duck boat operators.
-Also we will have a get together on December 20th at Darryl’s Corner