April 9 meeting minutes

Here are the minutes from Wednesday’s general body meeting at BU:

Meeting date: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday April 9
Location: Boston University College of Communication

Meeting called to order at 7:31 p.m.


Zuri Berry
Zeninjor Enwemeka
Glenda Buell
Michelle Johnson
Tiffany Probasco
Akilah Johnson
Dart Adams
Rony Camille
Kelley Chunn

I. Reports
Chapter party event details and budget
-April 10 (tomorrow) is the deadline for the chapter party proposal, national wants an idea of what we are doing so they can begin selling tickets
-Zuri spoke with the people at Fenway Park, but they were very expensive 1,500 people = $150,000; 500 people = $50,000
-There are some folks working on back channels to get a better rate for Fenway
-Maybe we should talk to Brian McGrory or Ellen Clegg
-Our chapter party will be Thursday night of the convention
-Other chapters in the past have charged at the door. Philly can 1,100 pay, 700 showed up; New Orleans had a few hundred.
-We may need to do something at the convention and have a theme night.
-Michelle suggests we should continue to go after Fenway
Next steps:
Zuri suggest giving national push back on the deadline for the proposal, so we can pursue Fenway. He will follow up with national on this.
-We will set up a meeting with Ellen at the Globe. Zuri will send an email to her to set up the meeting. Michelle, Akilah, Zuri, Zeninjor, and possibly Derrick Z. Jackson will take part in the meeting.

II. Membership drive update
-We are still working on the Paypal issue discussed in the last meeting. Zuri is looking into another service called Dwolla as an alternative.

III. Chapter nonprofit info
-Darryl Matthews and Charles Robinson were in town recently and requested some chapter documents for tax breaks purposes. Zuri is following up with him on that.

IV. NABJ national convention update
-NESN is waiting for more details about the chapter party. They are interested in doing something for the convention.
-We should also consider ESPN (Zuri will follow up with them and NESN)
-BU will sponsor
-We should also target companies and entities that have a major local presence
We will need volunteers for:
– Bag stuffing on July 27 for convention
– NABJ & BABJ townhall at Hibernian Hall (Ken Cooper is coordinating that)
– Opening reception at the Sheraton (need six volunteers)
– Bus coordinators for Thursday & Friday
– Plenary sessions
– Salute to Excellence (5 to 6 volunteers)

-Zeninjor will update the sign up form and send it out to the membership for people to sign up
– We also need to cull email list to make sure we reach out to everyone in the area

V. Adjournment & Announcements
– Next BABJ meeting set for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday May 14, 2014 at the Boston Globe
– We are getting to a point where we need to have more regular conversations and updates. Zuri will set up conference call dates.
– We can use the Deltas as a reference. Tiffany says all of their convention details are posted and everything is mapped out.
– We will put sponsorship information on the website (documents on what to say to contacts)
Tasks for members
–  Need to organize community event – Tiffany has volunteered to organize this (as well as the chapter party) – Corey J expressed strong interest before in handling the community event.
– Michelle will look into Dwolla service for payment of membership dues
– Tiffany said there is a black organizations networking event where representatives of different organizations can speak about what their group does. Want BABJ to be part of that. The event is April 22 at Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge.
– Glenda said City Weekly did a cover story a while back called “When Martin met Coretta” and suggests we have the Globe reprint it and give it out at the Globe booth. Michelle says BU could also give it out at their booth.
– There will be a financial split with national coming off of the convention
– We should put together a booklet or online document that is a guide to Black Boston (We should look in Delores Handy on that).  – This should be added as a committee. – The Boston Business bureau will be a good resource on that. – Tiffany has volunteered to head this up.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m


April meeting agenda

BUCOM3Here is the April meeting agenda, for the association’s meeting at Boston University’s College of Communication.

Meeting date: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday April 9
Location: Boston University College of Communication, Room 301B, 640 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

Conference call number: 1-605-475-5950
Access code: 3730565

I. Reports
• Chapter party event details and budget

II. Membership drive update
• Online application update
• Membership outreach (e-mail campaign)

III. Chapter nonprofit status
• Explanation of current situation
• Timeline of events

IV. NABJ national convention update
• Sponsorship opportunities
• Revisiting volunteers list
• Revisiting committee work

V. Adjournment & Announcements
• Next BABJ meeting set for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday May 14, 2014 at the Boston Globe
• Possible conference calls on a per-week interval leading up and through the national convention.