April 2016 BABJ meeting agenda

Saturday April 16, 11 – 1 p.m.

Location: WBUR
890 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

I. Reports

  • October 2015 – March recap 2016 – Zuri Berry

We had a great student resume workshop in October in partnership with AAJA. The turnout was excellent, so we want to continue doing these types of events.

We also had a great joint event/meeting with SNEABJ last month, featuring a panel of local trailblazing women journalists. The event celebrated women’s history month.

We also toasted Pam Cross. It was a great social gathering at Darryl’s and Pam wrote us a really nice thank you note afterward.

-With the success of these events, we want to make sure we make them annual occurrences.

-Gary Washburn suggests we offer job shadowing opportunities to students and members.

-We should do a formal month of job shadowing with BABJ. We’d have people sign up and then set up appointments that month to job shadow.

Also congratulations to BABJ member Johnny Green, who was named news director at WBZ!

  • Financial update – Zuri Berry

– Our account is stable

  • News from NABJ council of Presidents – Zuri Berry

Have done first round of negotiations with a legal advocacy group to help local chapters deal with 501(c)(3) filings. This is a great step that will help us keep up with our 501(c)(3) paperwork and filings.

  • Region 1 conference update – Zuri Berry

The conference is April 29-30 in Baltimore. There is a lot of great programming set for the conference, including government officials and other high profile people.

The theme for the conference is “One Year After Freddie Gray: Navigating Social Justice In Journalism”

Here’s a link to the program: http://nabjbmore16.com

Our own BABJ member Michelle Johnson will also be running a workshop on Google Tools

II. Chapter calendar

  • Possible future collaboration with Women in Sports and Events (WISE) – Shanda Foster

We will follow up on this at another time with Shanda.

  • Speaker series: Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson

The idea is to have an on-the-record meeting with him. He has given us a tentative yes. We know need to work out dates and logistics. Possibly in May.

  • There was discussion about whether or not to pursue more informal off-the-record conversations. Can pursue on-the-record meetings with option to go off the record.
  • Also discussed reaching out to other officials for meetings. Possibly in June or July.

In August, we should do a pre-convention kick off get together.

  • Social schedule for winter

Should plan to do holiday get together the first week in December.

Can be an informal meeting or something more formal where we charge.

The folks at AAJA and ONA Boston are very open to partnering with us on events, so we should keep that in mind moving forward.

  • Student resume workshop

Will aim to do this in September or October

Other events:

We should plan some fun light social events throughout the summer and over the course of the year. For example: After work drinks, bowling, dinner, summer picnic in July.

Erica Morrison suggests renting out the roof deck at the Bruce Bolling building for a social get together. Can get local businesses to donate food or provide in-kind services.

  • Upcoming chapter deadlines

We are up to date with our state filings.

NABJ audit deadlines. They would like to get it before the national convention.

III. BABJ elections

  • Outlining process going into second half of 2016

We are looking toward to next phase of BABJ so want fresh ideas and new people in leadership positions to take BABJ to the next level. If you have feedback or suggestions, please send them our way. We want to work towards elections and getting a new leadership team in place this year.

  1. Adjournment & Announcements
  • Questions, concerns and feedback.

Our friends at SNEABJ are hosting a resume workshop at the University of Rhode Island next Saturday. It is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. RSVP: sneabj@gmail.com.